Civil War Ladies Hat Tutorial

Ladies Civil War  Teardrop Hat  Free Tutorial

I am going to show you how to make these beautiful hats to complete any Historical outfit.Oh, buy the way you can purchase the hat forms by emailing me at or at my etsy shop . If  you want several it will be cheaper to email me and I will give you a break on shipping. The hat form cost $7.50 ea.shipping is $3.75 extra if you only purchase one.

What you will need to make your hat
1 teardrop hat form
Hot glue gun-small low temp, is fine and glue sticks
1 piece of white chalk
Fabric to cover your hat 9" x 10"piece (make sure the fabric is not see through or the hat form will show through)
Lining to match in color 9" x 10"piece (light weight is good)
4 yards Tulle 6" wide on the spool (Hobby Lobby sells it or your local florist)
4 yards of  7/8" Wide Ribbon in Satin or grosgrain 2 extra yards if you make the satin rose.
These Items all go around edge of hat:
20" of  1/2"of Braid(used for upholstery)
20" of 1 1/2" ruffled satin
30" of  1 7/8" to 2" ruffled lace or beads (optional)
Now that you have all your supplies lets begin.

Covering top of  hat
To make my pattern I use white chalk and draw about 1 1/2" larger all way around the hat form and the lining will be
about 1/2"  smaller then the top of the hat. (If covering more then one make you a pattern with the first one for the lining and
 the top.) Once you are finished cut on chalk line all the way around.
Now that you have your fabric piece cut out it is time to hot glue it to the hat form. I use a cereal bowl with a plastic bag
stuffed in it to keep from flatting the top of the hat as seen in the picture below.When hot gluing fabric to hat form,always put
glue on inside of hat form and it really doesn't take alot, you don't want to much or it will come through the fabric.  I usually glue a little in the front and in the back to position the fabric on the hat form and to keep it from moving around. Gluing the the rest of the fabric around the edge start at the front on either side that you glued. Put about one inch of glue and stretch it along the edge trying not to have wrinkles until you get to the back. You will probably want to alternate sides to keep it even. There will be a few puckers or wrinkles in the back, but the tulle and bow will cover them up.

You have your fabric glued onto your hat form and now you are ready to glue your satin
ruffle around the edge and your braid on the top edge.


You have our fabric glued onto your hat form, get your braid and you satin ruffle or whatever trim you would like.


Hot glue starting at the back the hat,you will want to flip the raw edge of the satin ruffle edge in about 1/4" so it doesn't show and glue it in place. It doesn't take a lot of glue to glue the ruffle on to the hat,you don't want to put to much glue or it will squeeze out and show on the front of the hat.  

You will only want to hot glue about 2" at a time and be really careful not to get it on the ruffle(if you do get glue on your ruffle use a hot iron and that will usually get most of it off.

When you get to the back you will want to do the same as you
did  when you started and make sure all raw edge are turned in
and hot glue the two sides together making them meet. As seen
in the picture below.  

Putting braid onto the top of your hat 

Turn your bowl upside down and put your hat on there, it
will give you something to work on. When hot gluing the braid
on you just need a small amount of hot glue or it will squash out rough the braid that is not pretty. You will start at the back same the ruffle.

As you can see in the picture you just hot glue about 2" at a time
and glue alway around and when you get to the back, overlap and make sure the end is all glued down good so it won't fray.

If you have any glue showing from when you glued the ruffle on this is a perfect time to cover it. I usually glue the braid about half on the hat and half on the ruffle to make sure the edge of the hat is not showing.  

The upper side if your hat is finished and
 this is what it should look like.

Putting Ribbon on and Lining inside the hat
 We are ready to put our ribbon on the hat.
1. Turn the hat over so you see the white mesh.
2. Cut your ribbon to the length of  46" and cut ends at a angle.
3. Get a ruler and measure about 3 3/4" from the very tip of the point on the 
    hat to the side. (you can pin your ribbon on and see how you like where the
    ribbon is poisoned, remember they wore the hat, way down on their
       foreheads and it is best that it angles back and tied under the hair).


 3. Fold ribbon in half and put a small amount of hot glue in  
     center the,just enough to hold it in place.

4.Put hot glue on the sides as seen in the picture and smooth
    ribbon up in place.  Finished it should look like the picture
Putting lining in Hat  

First you will need to clip edges alway around about 1/2" in then press the edge under about 5/8"  alway around.

 Now that your lining piece is pressed flat.
 Put a small amount of hot glue at the back and the front tip
 so it will be centered.

Then you will begin hot gluing from the front to the back, you will
have to put small tucks as you go to ease the fabric in as seen in the picture below of the finished inside hat. Now repeat the same step on the other side.

YEAH! The body of your hat is finished!
Now all we need to do is make your bow and put it on .

Making Bow for Hat

1.To start measure off 12" of tulle for tail.  Make two loops
 measuing a total of five  inches. make sure to twist the tulle or  ribbon
 on each loop and hold it  tight between your thumb and pointer finger.

You will need your Tulle, ribbon, ruler and sissors.
I am going to give you step by step instructions on making
a bow with tulle.

2. Do two more loops for a total of four loops.

3. Now do four ribbon loops making sure that the shinny side is out
right on top of the four tulle loops you already made.

4. Add six more tulle loops on top of the ribbon loops, these loop should be a little shorter.

5. Add six more ribbon loops,these should be a little shorter also, don't forget to twist every time.

6. Add one more small center ribbon loop around your thumb.

7. Here you will want to add your two more ribbon tail so you will need to cut a
piece of ribbon 24" long and place it in the center, 12" on each side of the
center. Also you will want to cut a piece of tulle 24" long and you
will put it through the center loop and tie the whole bow together with it
knot it on the back.Your bow is all finished now all you have to do is fluff it up. 
8.Take the tulle loops and spread them apart and fix your ribbon so it all looks even.

This is what your finished Bow should look like.

Now you will hot glue your bow to the hat, you only need about the size of a quarter.  

Yeah! You are finished, get ready for the ball.
If you would like to learn how to make the ribbon rose it will be on a separate post. 
If you have any questions please contact me.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working
for the Lord,not for men.                      Colossians3:23