Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snowman Freebie...

It looks like an invasion of snowmen...LOL...This little snowman is another oldie but goodie...I gave the graphic away as a freebie last year and have had several requests for it this year sooooo here he is...

First, you need to go to the following link and print out your snowman on photo or brochure paper. Make sure it is landscape and I print 2 at a time on 5" x 7"size,
then I cut them to 5 1/2" W x 6" T.
Snowman Printable

This was originally found here. She has several others on her blog as well.

This graphic may be sized to fit almost anything, from rolls of Lifesavers or Rolos to coffee cans and microwave popcorn. It works especially well when wrapped around your favorite size of Hershey bar.
The hats can be made out of felt, fleece, Christmas socks or the cutest thing I've seen is knit gloves...The scarfs can be made from scraps of fabric, felt, fleece or ribbon as well. It's also fun to add buttons, little snowflakes and other doodads to make them really fancy...

Several Hugsisters from the PcCrafter message board were kind enough to send me pictures of their snowman creations and I do appreciate their help...sorry to say that I could'nt use all the pictures but here's a sampling of what you can do with this simple piece of art...

I think these are wrapped around microwave popcorn...
love the little jingle bells!
Lifesaver snowmen are the cutest! It looks like she used the finger of some knitted gloves for the hat...and added some tiny snowflakes and yarn for the scarf...cute,cute,cute!

This is your basic Hershey bar with a felt hat...I sold a bunch of snowmen just like this last year at my craft shows...they where my best sellers!

So there you have gift to go forth and craft my friends... This lil' snowman was created to give others joy... and I hope that he will continue to make people smile for years to come...Hope you have a wonderful, joyful, Christmas season.
Hugs, Laurie
This is were I found them 2 years ago

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Civil War Style Show

A Beautiful Plaid, perfect Skirt and Black Sash to wear for Civil War Reenacting a Dickens Christmas Event or a Holiday Hostess outfit when Entertaining!

This lovely Long Plaid Skirt is Perfect for wearing to a Civil War Reenactment, Scottish Festival, Renaissance Faire, or Victorian Costume Events. And, it's a great addition to your wardrobe for a Theater Production, School Play or Period Reenactment Event!

The Sash is 120" long x 9" wide it is a Black fabric it very pertty.